What is Web Hosting Reseller?

The Free Reseller Web Hosting Program from ResellersPanel offers a myriad of private label opportunities.

As a reseller under ResellersPanel's Web Hosting Reseller Program, you can create your own web hosting company without contributing a single penny.

To own a profitable web hosting company, you will need to hide the circumstance that you are a web hosting reseller. This is the reason why ResellersPanel will give you all the necessary tools to achieve it. First of all, ResellersPanel will offer you domain names at an affordable price, so you can match your company name with your website's URL. You can also take advantage of ResellersPanel's Private DNS Cluster offer. With it, all your customers will use nameservers based on your selected domain. This minimizes the probability of any potential clients guessing that you are not an autonomous hosting distributor. You can tweak the looks of the web shop templates using custom headers and footers, and render your online reseller hosting store more distinctive.

ResellersPanel also offers remote order forms and an API software tool, both of which will permit you to offer shared hosting accounts, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting servers from your own custom online reseller hosting store. Team up with ResellersPanel right now and take advantage of the private label options provided by ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Program!