16 Best Blogs in the Philippines

Two months ago, when we initiated the search for the best blogs in the Philippines for this year – the Philippine Bloggers Awards 2016. The aim of this award is to recognize the contribution of Filipino bloggers around the globe who help in creating a better change.


The bloggers undergo different phases to determine their dedication and passion in maintaining and promoting their own blogs. Hundreds of blogs have been registered but only a few stand still until the 35 blog finalists have been named. We tracked these blogs to determine and count unique and total page views and we rank them up based on the results. The finalists need to gather as many votes as they can have to check their social standing. Our technical evaluator had also checked each website’s user-friendliness by checking its lay-out and device adaptability. And finally, each finalist will have to write a blog post about how they understand blogging and the role of blogging to the society.

The Awardees

Raellarina gained the top spot of the competition leading with an average score of 79.73% followed by The Happy Trip with an average score of 77.57%. The third spot was garnered by AdVientures with an average score of 75.70%. Other blogs awarded as follows:

Best Travel and Leisure Blogs

Champion: Saan Pow Punta?
1st Place: Schadow1 Expedition
2nd Place: Angelo The Explorer
3rd Place: The Little Lai: Beyond Limits

Best Entertainment and Lifestyle Blog

First Place: Vanity Room Philippines
2nd Place: Cebu Finest

Best Arts and Crafts Blog

First Place: Oh My Buhay
2nd Place: The Intersections and Beyond

Best Community and Groups Blog

Bakla Po Ako

Best Food and Drink Blog

Yogo and Cream

Best Home and LivingBlog


Best Photo Blog

First Place: Jewel Clicks
2nd Place: Blissful Snapshots

The result of this event is final and irrevocable. And true to our cause, we will be holding an outreach activity for the less fortunate children this Christmas. For your donations, click the paypal button below.

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